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Protection Plans

As part of your protection plan, My Favorite Plumber Corporation agrees to provide you with a qualified Technician who will inspect your plumbing system and related equipment.

The Plan covers one inspection annually of the following:

  • Toilets, supply lines and valves checked for leaks
  • Faucets, supply lines and valves checked for leaks
  • All exposed domestic water lines checked for leaks
  • Kitchen sink drains checked for leaks
  • Bathroom sink drains checked for leaks
  • Garbage disposals checked
  • Sanitary building drains and sewer inspected
  • Washing machine hoses/valves checked
  • Frost proof outside spigots tested for leaks
  • Water heaters inspected
  • Thermal expansion checked
  • House pressure checked and documented
  • Well pumps inspected and electrically tested
  • Water heater controls tested (gas or electric)
  • Hot water temperature documented
  • Check operation of sump pump
  • Main shut off valve tested and labeled
  • Check for gas and carbon monoxide leaks on exposed gas lines
  • Small maintenance issues and adjustments may be performed during annual inspection

The Master Plan - is for customers who have drain issues. * It covers the "Plan" and also includes a yearly clearing, maintenance and inspection of your main sewer line from your home to the street. (If plug or clean out has to be installed, price will increase on initial visit)

The Deluxe Plan - is for customers with sewage ejector systems. It covers the "Plan" and also includes the extra coverage for a yearly cleaning and inspection of your complete sewage ejector system.



Yearly Renewal

The Plan $98.50 $87.50
The Master Plan $333.50 $315.00
The Deluxe Plan $425.00 $400.00

Upon completion of your annual inspection you will receive a detailed plumbing report on your home.  That report will include the results of an over 35-point thorough inspection system.  This valuable information will assist you in managing the plumbing in your house and will reduce the risk of plumbing emergencies.

*Additional fees after $180

Note - Homes with more than 3 bathrooms and or multiple ejector pumps, additional rates may apply. ($15.00 per extra bath, $200.00 per additional ejector pump)

Note - Accessibility issues addressed on a case-by-case basis. Issues that require replacement parts for defective items beyond the control of My Favorite Plumber may require additional time to obain replacement supplies. While we regret the inconvenience, this is beyond the control of My Favorite Plumber.

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