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Install toilet

Time for a change in the throne room? My Favorite Plumber can make it a stress-free time with quick and tidy toilet replacement and installation. We can install all types of toilets including touchless (wave your hand over a sensor to flush), wall-hung, money and water-saving dual-flush models (uses a lever or button to vary the amount of water used), classic tank toilets—even a bidet if that's your thing. 

Bathroom Tip: Simple Clogged Toilet Remedy

If your toilet's clogged, the water is very low, and a plunger just isn't cutting it, we've got a surprisingly simple solution that will usually get the job done for you.

Fill a bucket with warm water and pour it into the toilet from waist level. Once the water level lowers, repeat. This should clear up any issues you have with a clog.

For more useful tips, visit our helpful hints page. 

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